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So after an enjoyable dinner at one of the local Spanish restaurant yesterday, it was decided from the “German” side:

  • Acki, Andrea, JJ, Joerg, Jogy & Toto are coming for sure.
  • All will be driving down (1 car, 1 people transporter)
  • The plan is to get there on the Thursday afternoon / evening
  • JJ to get 1 car park ticket (Expo Rouge)
  • JJ to get 4 tribunes tickets (first choice before the stands, second choice Tertre rouge)
  • Toto will try and get 2+ VIP tickets to the Dunlop hospitality lounge
  • Acki should “hurry up” with the photo’s CD from this year’s edition
  • JJ & Acki to get together at the earliest opportunity to work on the video

I think that sums it all for today…. Apart maybe from this great photo…


Le Mans 2008 – Time to plan?

Hi all,

I know it is early… but if I recall we started planning last year in October as well (thanks to Graham).

The race will be on June 14th and 15th next year.

Although I have decided to drive down on the Thursday (because I shall stay in France for a week or so for holidays after the race), I nevertheless looked at the current flight offers from our friendly

Flights from Hannover to Paris Orly are available to book now and the price is really good at € 39.98 all taxes included for the return trip …..

So I suggest those who are interested look into now.I heard that some might also be interested to drive instead of flying…

It is never too early to plan.