Le Mans 2008 – Time to plan?

Hi all,

I know it is early… but if I recall we started planning last year in October as well (thanks to Graham).

The race will be on June 14th and 15th next year.

Although I have decided to drive down on the Thursday (because I shall stay in France for a week or so for holidays after the race), I nevertheless looked at the current flight offers from our friendly

Flights from Hannover to Paris Orly are available to book now and the price is really good at € 39.98 all taxes included for the return trip …..

So I suggest those who are interested look into now.I heard that some might also be interested to drive instead of flying…

It is never too early to plan.

3 thoughts on “Le Mans 2008 – Time to plan?”

  1. Thanks JJ –

    I think Nick and I will fly to Paris – hopefully to Orly this time !!

    alternatively we may fly in to Tours……?

    If we fly to Paris and no one else is flying in because they are driving then let me know and we can get the train or (bus?) to Le Mans from Paris ..

    Look forward to suggestions..and details of other guys plans so we can fit in ok ..

    We plan to fly in afternoon of Thursday 12th June …return Monday 16th June

    Best wishes

    Graham & Nicholas

  2. Hi JJ
    Never too early to plan indeed and we’ve already been hard at it. You will be interested to know that we have seven confirmed from the UK next year with a possible 8th if Gary decides to come also:

    Rob Bryson + 1

    I have already applied for Car Park, Entrance and Tribune tickets for this crew. You may want to consider how hard you push your end in view of accomodation restrictions!! What price did we agree for the Gite for our 5 year booking?


  3. Graham,

    A bit too early to plan in such details I think but who knows, I might pass Paris when you land… and I have 2 places available.


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