Le Mans 2016 – Preparations

Latest news

Dec 17th 2015

Flights for the German contingent have been booked (and paid for I might add).

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 2.11.44 PM.png

I suspect we shall arrive in Le Mans around lunch time. We still need to hire a car from Paris to Le Mans and back, but there is no urgency  with that.

Dec 15th 2015

First, I found a couple of pictures on the net. Apart from the fact they are really well done, they really reflect how the track was in the late 60’s early 70’s. We use to eat at the restaurant on the left of the Hunaudières straight with the cars passing by at full speed. There was no chicane a third of the way on the straight then.  One of the cars here is for sure a “long tail” Rothman Porsche. The one in front of it could be a Ferrari P512 (red and yellow)



The rest of the news is that I have paid the 1st pre-payment of € 169 for the gite due tomorrow. We can settle that later.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 18.34.12.png

Dec 6th 2015

Looking for possible activities in the area for the Friday.

Castle Angers

At the heart of the city, enter in the vast fortress. Be amazed by the elegant buildings and gardens of the castle and admire the largest known medieval tapestry: the Apocalypse tapestry. A 34 km. For more information: http://www.angers.monuments-nationaux.fr

Castle Plessis Bourré

Le Plessis-Bourré is a perfect example of the Transition style. Indeed, its important defense system with its impressive double drawbridges , Its very wide moat round his path, its corner towers and its keep rank it among the fortresses of the late Middle Ages. At 20 km. For more information: http://www.plessis-bourre.com/

Baugé Castle & Apothicairerie

King René was a hunting enthusiast, as were the lords at the time, he was attracted by the abundance and richness of baugeoises forests and built the Castle of Baugé to make his hunting lodge. As for the apothecary is one of the most beautiful in France. Installed in the seventeenth century. in the heart of the Hotel Dieu of Bauge, it has a collection of more than 600 vessels, medicine jars and other containers. A 28 km. For more information: http://www.chateau-bauge.fr/

The Chateau du Plessis-Mace

“The most Angevin of all” be said of the castle of Plessis-Mace. For lovers of heritage, the building reveals perhaps more than others, the happy marriage between fortress and princely residence. A 36 km. For more information: http://www.chateau-plessis-mace.fr

Solesmes Abbey

The Abbey of Solesmes overlooking the Sarthe Valley upstream of Sable-sur-Sarthe, halfway between Le Mans and Angers. Solesmes has a vibrant and large monastic community. It prays, studies and works with his hands under Rule written by St. Benedict in the sixth century. Such a vocation, contemplative, for which buildings are designed, absolutely requires a climate of silence and peace. This is why the monks Rule imposes a fence which is broken in exceptional cases. A 24 km. For more information: http://www.abbayedesolesmes.fr

Terra Botanica

Prime fun and educational theme park dedicated to plants. Terra Botanica invites you to discover the world of family plants during a day of adventure, play and show. A 33 km. For more information: http://www.terrabotanica.fr

The zoo of La Flèche

With 1,200 animals in 150 species from 5 continents over 14 hectares, the zoo of La Flèche is one of the top 5 zoos in France. A 24 km. For more information: http://www.zoo-la-fleche.com

Holly Park

Theme park and relaxation for the family. A 24 km. For more information: http://www.hollypark.fr/

Haras National du Lion d’Angers

The National Stud awakens your senses. Admire the national standards, discover the activities of Haras livestock-related; the smell of leather, the beating of the hammer on the anvil and iron that heats take you to the heart of crafts still preserved. Depending on Haras activities, you will discover the equestrian competitions, broodmares and foals, stallions caring for … 30 km. For more information: http://www.lelion-hn.com

The Black Frame Saumur

Equestrian acrobatics, academic riding school jumps and aerobatics: unforgettable entirely dedicated to horse riding to French. A 73 km. For more information: http://www.cadrenoir.fr

The Mine Bleue in Noyant-la-Gravoyère

Dive to 130 meters underground in an old slate mine to discover the work and lives of minors. Sound and light, little train and many surface animations. A 55 km. For more information: http://www.laminebleue.com/  

Dec 5th 2015

I have received the contract for the gite. Deposit of 25% will have to be paid 6 months before we get there and the remainder 1 month before we get there. At this stage it means € 125 per head but since we might have a couple more people coming (Klaus for instance), let us wait till I make the payments.

Dec 3rd 2015

  • As announced earlier this week , the tickets have arrived. So all is well
  • I have managed today to find and book a gite. It is further away than usual but I do not see a problem.  It is located in a place called Daumeray. It is not an area we know so we need to do some exploring.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 18.19.04.png

The place looks very nice, sleeps 10.

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 18.22.46.png

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 18.23.28.png

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 18.23.56.png

More pics are available on the Gites de France site (HERE).

The price is not bad at all at €640 (+ some local taxes but that cannot be much) for the whole weekend and for all of us. That includes cleaning on departure and bedding.

There will be a deposit of 25% to pay soon. I’ll let everyone know what’s what.

So now we have to arrange transportation. From the UK, Chris has a plan for Jerry, Rob and himself. From Germany, Acky, Tom, Joggy and myself need to sort something out. Much easier for us as we do not have the Channel to cross. We shall get together in due time to discuss in front of a bier.