WEC Prologue 2018

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Last weekend saw the the opening of the 2018/2019 opening of the WEC super season with the prologue / tests taking place in the Castellet Circuit Paul Ricard.

I was there and it was good to see the cars again and the great sounds. The car parks and entrance to the track as well as the paddock were all free of charge.

The results, with the Toyotas leading the pack in LMP1, can be seen on the FIA WEC Page.

I was quite impressed with the Rebellion cars. They sound ever so smooth.

First race is in a few weeks and namely SPA on May 3rd


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2018 Season getting ready to start

First we can look forward to the 12 hours Sebring.

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On April 7th, the WEC prologue will take place in Paul Ricard. I think I might make it there. Not too far away and the ideal opportunity to visit friends who live in the area.

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Not to be forgotten, the week on Friday February 9th, the participants to the Le Mans 24 hours will be announced.

Le Mans 2017 – News and updates

December 29th

I have received a few minutes ago a definite yes from Joerg and I have purchased the eTickets for the track entrance as well as the tribune.

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I shall rework the share of the costs for the gite which I have not paid for yet. Not due before May. Updated list below. We are now 8.

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December 29th

Great news. Armin informs me that our friend Harald, who was last in Le Mans 20 years ago, would like to participate.

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I managed to organise a entrance ticket as well as a ticket in the tribune we are all booked in.

There is a possibility that Joerg (Forster) might also come. He almost made his mind up a couple of days ago. It would be his second time. The first time was in 2015 when we went alone him and I.

Anyway a short recap on the participants

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November 7th

Another bit of good news, Armin decided to join us. Not is first time there. I have purchased the entrance and tribune ticket. We are all set.

November 5th

Good news. Acki’s son Georg is also coming. His 1st time. I have already arranged the necessary entrance and tribune tickets as well as a second car parc ticket.

Also I have received by email all the tickets which I have already printed.

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November 3rd

Received the Gite rental agreement confirmation this morning. All is set up. Payment instructions (deposit & final payment) will follow shortly apparently.


October 29th 2016

Planning has certainly started. In fact it is almost over..

Today I have booked the Gite in Daumeray. Same as last year.

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I have also booked 4 tickets, 1 car parc ticket (the usual parking rouge) and 4 tribute tickets. Tribune T3 ” La Chapelle” which has a large TV screen across the track. I though tit was about time we ere on the other side of the Dunlop bridge.

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The latest participants are as follows:


Phil Gaymard               Yes

Christian Cottin           No

JJ Sauvaget                    Yes

Sem Saeland                 No

Gerard Cottin              No


Klaus Doerffer             Yes

Acki Günther                Yes

Georg  Günther            Yes

Joerg Forster                Yes (29/12)

Joerg Oppermann        No

Thomas Kortmann     No

Heiko Nord                  No

Joerg Naacke.               No

Armin Weiss                Yes

Harald Gruenberg      Yes (29/12)


Chris Bryson                 No

Rob Bryson                    No

Jerry Tracey                  No

Gary Sheldrake.           No

Toby Langley                No

(Ian)                                No

Graham Wright           No


October 25th 2016

The ticket office for 2017 has opened today for the ACO members (I am a member). It means only 1 thing… Time to start planning next years trip.No sooner said than done, the first emails to the gang and a couple more have gone out.

France Phil, Christian, JJ, Sem (Rookie)

Germany Klaus, Acki, Joerg F, Joerg O, Thomas, Heiko (Rookie), Joerg N

UK Chris, Rob Bryson, Jerry, Gary, Toby, Graham

The Audi beast

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copyright Audi / Planet Le Mans

At the 6 Hours of Spa, the Audi R18 e-tron quattro debuts a new bodywork configuration. It differs significantly from the version with which Audi won the FIA World Endurance Championship WEC season opener at Silverstone. Jan Monchaux, Head of Aerodynamics at Audi Sport, explains the background.

In the meantime it has become a small tradition for Audi to develop different bodywork configurations to be perfectly equipped for the high-speed Le Mans circuit where average lap speeds exceed 240 km/h. To compare: on the track in Shanghai, which is scheduled for November, the drivers reach an average of only 180 km/h – this is an average of 25 percent less.

While the visual changes in previous years were barely recognisable to the untrained eye, Audi has consistently followed a different path since 2013. “The long tail was an effective distinguishing feature for the public,” says Jan Monchaux. Together with his development team, he developed a bodywork version specifically for the 24 Hours of Le Mans. This configuration finished flush with the rear wing and at the same time contained many more detailed solutions. The goal: significantly lower drag by omitting downforce, in order to be better equipped for higher speeds. Downforce is the force that aerodynamic components create. It presses the race car onto the ground and, as a result, permits higher cornering speeds.

When the version that creates less downforce runs for the first time this year at Spa, the differences to the sister specification, which generates higher downforce levels, are more apparent than ever before. A fundamentally different front fairing, modified sidepods, openings relocated on the inner surface of the rear fenders for venting the wheel arches, and the bodywork rear edge featuring an unusual rear wing support, characterise the newly developed race car.

“Because downforce at Le Mans is not as important as it is at other tracks, we developed other solutions and new body shapes,” says Monchaux. “In this way, we reduce the drag. All the turning vanes, wings and similar elements are no longer mounted so steeply in the airflow; the curvature of the wing profile is less.” In addition to the bodywork surfaces, the technology beneath is also affected. “The cooling system’s requirements are different. We were able to reevaluate and adapt the flow across the cooler, because at Le Mans less air mass flow is necessary due to the higher speeds,” he continues. New suspension solutions, which restrict the spring displacement on the car to a smaller range, provide additional help. In this way, the turbulent airflow under the race car is reduced.

With the sum of all innovations, Audi further improves the efficiency of its hybrid sports car. “We expect to benefit from this and to be able to use these advantages on other race tracks,” says Jan Monchaux.