Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo

What do you think about this Alfa Romeo SE 048 SP? The Italian prototype powered by a V10 was one of the best kept secrets and never made it to La Sarthe, the project got cancelled after some testing in the 90s.
Should an Italian manufacturer get involved in LMP1 to try to battle with Audi or Toyota?
I sure think so…

Le Mans 2013

I have received news that the POSTEROUS web hosting site is closing down on April 30th and I have a Le Mans page there which I started 3 years ago when I was in China and could not access WordPress from there. I need to find a way to transfer all the entries I have there to here.

Also I have a Le Mans page on Facebook. How I can link this all is still a mystery to me but I shall work on it.

Interesting news…

As Stephane Sarrazin was saying at the scrutineering, « Going faster is always possible! ». He was actually right: Driving his Peugeot 908 Hdi the French pilot broke the lap record with 3’18.513″, half an hour before the end of the first part of today qualifying session. The Audis are now around 6 seconds behind the three Peugeot #8, #7 and #9!

No news

No specific news at the moment except I have received the ACO box a few days ago. Apart from the official programs and a few poster and a magnificent book on Le Mans, it also contained the official video of this year’s race. I assume I can make copies…