Interesting news…

As Stephane Sarrazin was saying at the scrutineering, « Going faster is always possible! ». He was actually right: Driving his Peugeot 908 Hdi the French pilot broke the lap record with 3’18.513″, half an hour before the end of the first part of today qualifying session. The Audis are now around 6 seconds behind the three Peugeot #8, #7 and #9!

Less than a week to go till the 2008 edition…

I am hitting the road in 4 days on Thursday, so are Joerg, Acki and Andreas from Germany. On the way I shall pick Graham and Nick from the airport in Paris where they should be landing from Manchester at 2pm.

Bob1 and Bob2 are arriving 1 day earlier as they wish to play golf on Thursday and of course we rely on them to start shopping (get the Pastis) before we arrive.

Chris and Robert should also arrive from the UK on Thursday. I guess we shall all be there for aperitif time.

Unfortunately a few dropped out. Jogy, Toto, Chris’s friend. The good news is that Christian will be joining us on Friday evening.

I am just about to catch up on the race preparation news, have not had much of a chance in China (and most of the time I cannot get through on the internet)

No news

No specific news at the moment except I have received the ACO box a few days ago. Apart from the official programs and a few poster and a magnificent book on Le Mans, it also contained the official video of this year’s race. I assume I can make copies…

Latest news

So after an enjoyable dinner at one of the local Spanish restaurant yesterday, it was decided from the “German” side:

  • Acki, Andrea, JJ, Joerg, Jogy & Toto are coming for sure.
  • All will be driving down (1 car, 1 people transporter)
  • The plan is to get there on the Thursday afternoon / evening
  • JJ to get 1 car park ticket (Expo Rouge)
  • JJ to get 4 tribunes tickets (first choice before the stands, second choice Tertre rouge)
  • Toto will try and get 2+ VIP tickets to the Dunlop hospitality lounge
  • Acki should “hurry up” with the photo’s CD from this year’s edition
  • JJ & Acki to get together at the earliest opportunity to work on the video

I think that sums it all for today…. Apart maybe from this great photo…


Le Mans 2008 – Time to plan?

Hi all,

I know it is early… but if I recall we started planning last year in October as well (thanks to Graham).

The race will be on June 14th and 15th next year.

Although I have decided to drive down on the Thursday (because I shall stay in France for a week or so for holidays after the race), I nevertheless looked at the current flight offers from our friendly

Flights from Hannover to Paris Orly are available to book now and the price is really good at € 39.98 all taxes included for the return trip …..

So I suggest those who are interested look into now.I heard that some might also be interested to drive instead of flying…

It is never too early to plan.